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Siki - Neochori Hiking Route

Διαδρομή Συκή - Νεοχώρι

Moving a few hundred meters on the ring road of the village to the beach "Pantazi Ammos",  west of the small Church of Agios Dimitrios begins the provincial road and the ancient path to the village of Neochori. Well maintained and marked with the care of The Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion association

Granitsa stream

Granitsa is located on the border between the regions of Siki - Neochori villages. It is a verdant ravine which starts from the neighboring village and flows into Pantazi Ammos beach. A beautiful stone fountain and a traditional watermill were located there in older times, while now you can come across only with their ruins. The inhabitants of our village hid here due to the pirate and robbery raids of the 14th century. The abundant water of Granitsa led to the construction of a drilling mechanism and the organization of the modern water supply network that the village uses to this day.

Siki - Xinovrisi Hiking Route


At a distance of about one kilometer starting from the junction for Potoki beach, on the right begins a dirt road and the ancient path that connects Siki with Xinovrisi villages. The path is well maintained and marked by The Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion association

Bourboulithra ravine

Located between Siki and Xinovrisi and serving as their natural border, Bourboulithra is a place with a long history and dense vegetation. Since ancient times, it is estimated that at this point there was great human activity, uninterrupted to this day. During the last century, the people of Siki lived and worked in the areas around the ravine, which are full of olive groves and ruins of old huts and houses. During World War II the villagers took refuge here to escape the horrors of war and occupation. Inside the ravine there is a monument of a Cross that was erected in honor of 13 Greeks executed by the Germans on March 27, 1944. Ruins of terraces, bahtsets and orchards remain on the ravine'ss banks, that the inhabitants maintained until recently. You can easily reach the area on foot or by vehicle up to a point.

Gorge of Potoki beach

It is located at the entrance of Potoki Beach, near the sea, in a fantastic green jungle-style landscape. It is the first thing you encounter when leaving the highway. At its low point there is a spring which gushes clear drinkable water. The water flow creates a small but beautiful river that you have to cross to reach both the beach and the spring. Around the ravine in ancient times there were orchards owned by locals. The ravine can also be found on foot from the village, following the hiking path which leads to Xinovrisi. At the last intersection of the path you turn left and enter the gorge of Potoki, which is essentially a fork that makes the stream of Bourboulithra. It is an attraction of our village that impresses every visitor.

Old Aqueduct Hill

One of the most beautiful places to "stroll" in the village and taste nature which provides awesome views. Also known as the hill of "OXI" (NO) the Old Aqueduct Hill is located North of the village, above the road that leads to Pantazi Ammos beach, providing an insurmountable image to every visitor. Up there, you can gaze at the Aegean and the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos in the East, facing a horizon from the coasts of Chalkidiki in the North, to the northern coast of Evia in the Southeast. On a day with clear weather, Mount Athos and Agion Oros, are clearly visible from there. To the South, you can see the village, the plane trees of the square and the church of Agios Georgios. Gazing to the west, the eye faces the villages of Vyzitsa and Milies.

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