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Tavern - Grill House
"O Vasilis"

The family tavern - grill house "O Vassilis" has been operating since 1975 and is the first restaurant you will come across in our village. Here you have the opportunity to taste traditional dishes accompanied by local wine or tsipouro, in a warm environment with decoration from older times. The elements of the sea are evident in the place, which together with the stone fireplace made of sea cobbles, highlight the great naval tradition of the Kaltsogiannis family. The owner of the store, Vassilis Kaltsogiannis is an "expert" in tsipouro appetizers that you can enjoy every day with excellent tsipouro made by our fellow villagers, while the barbecue of the store is also famous. Kokoretsi, pork and mutton on a spit are some of Vasilis' specialties that you can taste especially if you visit him on the weekends!


+30 6972742878

2423 054550

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