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Theatrical Company

The Theatrical Company of Siki was founded in 2013. During the five years of its activity, producing two plays with great success and impact throughout our prefecture, it was a catalyst in the promotion of our village's cultural activity. With the play "Miss 39" but also with the culmination of the play "O Bakalogatos", it was consolidated in the consciousness of the inhabitants of the wider area of Pelion, reaching its apogee to offer a charity work, for the "Actor's House", for "The Smile of the Child ",  associations, as well as for numerous other non-profit organizations. The Theatrical Company was organized under the guidance of the actor - director, Mr. Stamatis Pagasaios and it was framed by amateurs actors, coming from Siki, as well as from many other neighboring villages. 

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Dance Department

The Dance Group of the Cultural Association of Siki was founded in 2016 and since then consists of many young people with great participation. Young men and women of our village, voluntarily and worthily represent our place in numerous events throughout the prefecture of Magnesia, all year round. Dressed in the traditional, handmade, Pelion, costume and dancing traditional dances from every corner of Greece, it is an organization to promote both the place and our society, which with fun and passion conveys the tradition and history of past times. The volunteer dancers are guided by the local dancing teacher, Ms. Efi Maratha, and they are the first to enter the dance flood of every music and dance event organised in our village! 

Group of Musicians

Young people from Siki, with talent and knowledge in the art of music, entertain the locals and the visitors of our village. They often accompany the events of the dance department in our village's square and our festivals, during summer.

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