Image by Konstantinos Kaltsogiannis
Stin Skia Ton Platanon

The incomparable beauty of our village is complemented by its square, a meeting of warmth in winters and coolness in summers. Its stone-built tavern hidden under the imposing centuries-old shady plane trees - from which it took its name - has been serving for many years now our fellow villagers and visitors and managed to share laughter, delicacies, company and beautiful experiences. In summers, the store is the organizer of most of our festivals, while in winter, it is a welcoming warm corner, ideal to spend your quality time by the fireplace. If you are a fan of good wine, grilled food, but also of homemade dishes, which are prepared with pleasure by Konstantinos Kaltsogiannis, owner of the place, you can only visit it! If, on the other hand, you love tsipouro and fresh delicacies with fish and seafood, provided daily by local fishermen, you will definitely grab a chair next to us!


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