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"Georgios Rimatidisidis" Cultural Association of Siki, started its activities in 1999 and since then has undertaken the preservation, continuation and promotion of the cultural heritage of our place. It took its name from George Rimatidisidis, priest and chieftan in the Thessalian Revolution against the Ottomans, in 1878.


The vision of our Association is to mobilize everyone for the betterment of our village in all areas, using our love and our available individual resources for the benefit of our small community.


For more than 20 years, our Association has managed to be considered a powerful cultural organization throughout Pelion and to put our village on the map of the spiritual cells of the region. With cultural activities and events, with collectivity and personal effort, guided by the feeling of volunteerism and the tremendous love for our place, our desire is to be able to elevate our village's image and to stimulate the interest of residents and visitors, promoting a healthy and a dynamic profile in the field of culture.

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The building of the former Primary School of Siki (1910), which was a donation of the great Greek national benefactor, Andreas Syggros to our village's community, is today the seat of the Cultural Association of our village. For several years now, a library has been organized in its western hall, with open access to every visitor. The site is also used for cultural events, seminars and workshops, while at the same time it functions as a place for gymnastics and dancing lessons

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