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The beaches of Siki are the closest direct exit to the Aegean Sea from the city of Volos and they are located just a few minutes drive from the center of our village. Their characteristic feature is the unspoiled natural environment as well as the emerald crystal-clear waters, attracting a large number of visitors per year. The easy access and the enchanting landscape reward even the most demanding visitor, who will sure find calmness and authenticity at the same time in them. They are easily accessible via paved roads, while the installed direction signs make the route easier. At the same time, if you are a hiking lover, well-preserved paths can lead you there!

Potoki beach


Potoki beach is located almost 5 km from the center of Siki. It is picturesque and has a small width, with its turquoise waters and fine pebbles creating a magical environment for visitors. It is said that it got its name from the Slavic word potok (stream or ravine) or according to Alexandros Papadiamantis, from the word potoki which means "pit where oil accumulates during the extraction of oils in an olive mill", probably due to the huge areas with olive trees surrounding the place. Approaching the beach, the visitor encounters a green ravine with plane trees, where a cool spring with drinking water is located. To the left of the main beach, lies "Lemonia", a smaller beach a few meters wide, which is usually formed during the summer, when the sea is pulled inwards. There you can admire the interaction of man with nature: at the bottom of the rock, there are ruins of stone huts, carved in it since old times. They were built to house fishing boats in the past and some are still operating till this day. This small second beach is only accessible by sea and is beautiful!


Potoki gathers a large number of visitors and vacationers from Magnesia and its neighboring prefectures every year. In the photos below you can easily understand the reasons!

Pantazi Ammos beach


"Pantazi Ammos" is located at the northeastern end of the village of Siki. It is about a 7 km distance from the main square and it is easily accessible by vehicle. Morphologically, this is a fairly large beach, with beautiful clear blue crystal waters, thick pebbles and gray-green coloured sand. The coast is sunny until late in the afternoon, despite the fact that it is surrounded by large rocks, giving the visitor the impression of a wild landscape. The beach is open to the sea, which results in wave lovers visiting it often and preferring it for this feature! Also, in recent years, it tends to become the favorite of residents and visitors, since its large area offers the possibility of isolation. Bring everything necessery with you if you choose to visit it, because "Pantazi", like Potoki beach, is a place where human intervention and territorial exploitation are absent! Anyway, it's really great and worth to visit!

The following photos will convince you

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