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Cafe Bar

With a presence from the distant 1930s, Iliastra is a beautiful, hospitable and warm place in the heart of our village, offering us wonderful hot and cold drinks and taking every visitor in a voyage with its music. With unique decoration and delicacies, traditional, homemade pastries that are lovingly curated by the owner of the place, Ms Evdokia Papamarkaki, Iliastra is a must for anyone who visits our village, every day of the year! "Iliastra" in our local dialect is a bench where figs are stored to dry, a name that this cafe has adopted since its first time of operation. It is the right place to play board games, backgammon or chess, enjoying your coffee, drink or beer, as well as one of the many beverages on offer. Of course there is also the possibility to read at that time or to borrow books of all kinds from the store's library, expanding and at the same time your spiritual horizons! Do not hesitate to visit it when you pass by our village,

you will be impressed!



2423 055636

+30 6979293928

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