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Cultural events


The Cultural Association of Siki is the main exponent of our folk tradition and the huge cultural heritage of our village. The various music and dance events organized by the Association throughout the year gather a large number of visitors to our village

Octopus with Rice


After the end of the Divine Liturgy that takes place in the Holy Monastery of Timios Prodromos of Siki on the morning of August 29, the traditional custom

"octopus with rice" takes place.
While the custom used to take place in the courtyard of the monastery, now it takes place in the main square of Siki and since 2013, it is organized with the care of the Cultural Association.
During the event, large pots-cauldrons are placed on the fire in which the food is being cooked in the presence of the people. When the process is complete, the food is distributed to everyone, along with other treats, plenty of tsipouro and in the middle of circular dances, as usual!

Local Products Festival

Christmas events


A new project of the Cultural Association is the "Festival of Local Products", which usually takes place in August, in collaboration with various organizations in Magnesia.
The initiative started in 2017 and continues with great success, having as its object to highlight elements of our place (the olive production, Siki's stone production, the cooking of handmade traditional pies).
On the days of the events, stalls are placed in the streets, on which the products brought by traders and producers of our region are exhibited and sold. The event is accompanied by speeches, competitions, music and dance events with live music, theatrical events and of course many treats!

When Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching, our Association organises events for young and old. Christmas movie nights, musical-theatrical performances with the children of our village are being organised, along with lotteries and of course the New Year’s Cake Cutting Event of the Association takes place.

The pleasant and festive atmosphere is complemented by the special scents that come from the delicious treatsincluding homemade pastries, such as melomakarona, but also the local wine that flows in abundance!

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Collective Actions


In addition to events, our Association organizes voluntary actions with a humanitarian sign

and a spirit of solidarity

Humanitarian actions


Our Cultural Association all these years has shown great work in the field of supporting institutions and organizations of humanitarian character. Our support was and is considered something permanent

Voluntary Work


In our village it is a clear fact that we love nature and that we are obliged to keep the environment clean. For this reason, our Association is active and organizes cleaning of beaches, public spaces and streets quite often and when needed. The participation of the whole village in these beautiful initiatives is admirable.

Cultural Enterprises


An important role of our Association is the preservation and promotion of our cultural heritage, our local history and the education of members of our community. Projects such as the organization of ourLibrary and the restoration of the monument of the Cross in Bourboulithra, are just some of such initiatives


The Association also organizes many excursions inside and outside Greece, participates in co-events with organizations and associations in the area and promotes the place with various events. Such are the established photography exhibitions, the organization of summer cinemas, as well as the organization of seminars and worshops. The Cultural Association of our village is a large family that relies exclusively on volunteering and the passion of the people

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