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Saint John's Festival

 28 & 29 of August

The Festival of Agios Ioannis Timios Prodromos is the biggest celebration of the summer for the people of Siki.  The inhabitants and the surrounding villages are waiting for it all year round since it is the last festival of the summer in the region. On the 28th of August, during the evening prayer, the Holy Monastery of Timios Prodromos is crowded with villagers and visitors from all over Greece. The religious devoutness is followed by dancing and singing, feasting and drinking in the central square of Siki, which becomes very crowded instantly, after the end of the Devine Liturgy. The festival's duration is two days, August 28 and 29 and lasts until sunrise. The Cultural Association of Siki also takes part on the celebrations, by organizing events and treats.

Your presence is imperative!

Σήμερα, περπατώντας στα γραφικά σοκάκια του χωριού, ο κάθε επισκέπτης μπορεί εύκολα να συναντήσει στοιχεία της μακραίωνης ιστορίας και της παράδοσης που αντέχουν στο χρόνο. Η ευρύχωρη πλακόστρωτη πλατεία και οι λιθόκτιστες βρύσες, οι επιβλητικές εκκλησίες και τα λευκά ξωκλήσια, η φύση και τα μνημεία της Συκής, δίνουν την εντύπωση στον καθένα πως, εδώ, ο χρόνος σταματάει. Το παραδοσιακό παντρεύεται με το καινούργιο και η ομορφιά συναντά την απλότητα. 

Prophet Elijah Festival

19 & 20 July

On July 19 and 20, a traditional festival is held in memory of the Prophet Elijah.

After the end of the evening service on the 19th, which takes place in the chapel of Prophet Elijah, crowds descend to the central square of the village to have fun dancing at the festival, which is two days long and attracts people from the surrounding villages. The dances that last until morning are accompanied by food and drinks offered by the tavern in the village' s square.

Feast of Agios Nikolaos

May 20

On May 20, the day of the resurrection of the Relics of Agios Nikolaos, the homonymous chapel of the Saint in Siki, celebrates. With the care of the Cultural Association of Siki, a very beautiful daily folk festival is set up early, in a truly blessed location by nature. The festival attracts a large number of people and marks the beginning of summer for our region!


The “ Katsipoda” of Carnival

( burning of wild thorny bushes)

The three days of Carnival are of particular importance for everyone in the village, where in addition to the masquerades who roam the neighborhoods, the children's carousels and the music parties, on Carnival Sunday we burn the "Katsipoda". It is a custom that has started a long time ago in our village in order to banish the "evil spirits" of these days!

Almost every house from the previous day is engaged in the cutting and gathering of thorny bushes from the surrounding forests, which in our local dialect are called katsipoda and which are used to create large fires. Around the burning bushes are set up dances of locals and visitors on the night of Halloween, who jump over them, according to custom. The bigger the flame, the bigger the achievement of the jump. A beautiful event from which of course there is no lack of fun and alcohol. The big fire is set in the square and is a trademark of the village in those days.

Christmas and Easter customs

As in any place, the days of Christmas and Easter are special! So they are in our village.

Christmas and New Year's Eve

in Siki

Snowy landscapes, warm shops, large hospitable groups and festive days. When these are combined with the beautiful customs of Christmas and with events, then the choice of the village is easy in the mind of each of us. Christmas carols, movies in the hall of the Cultural Association of Syki, events and music nights are just a few of the reasons that will make you visit our village in those days!

Easter in the village

There is no better place for Easter and Holy Week than the countryside and the village. Syki in those spring days, flowery and fragrant, wears her goodies and is waiting for you! The onset of Holy Week is evident with the daily Divine Liturgy in Agios Georgios resounding through the loudspeakers of the Church throughout our village. The Procession of the Epitaph on Good Friday in the streets of Syki and the Resurrection on Holy Saturday gather many believers, citizens and non-citizens, while the feast of St. George, which usually coincides in those days, is really a huge festival for our village. Residents and visitors come to the village to honor its patron Saint.

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