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Holy Temple of the Great Martyr Saint George

Dedicated to the memory of our village's Patron Saint George the Trophy Bearer, the first church of the village was built in 1777. Located behind a water-spring at the entrance of the main Square, this first church was small and simple and unfortunately burned by the Ottomans in 1822, during the Greek war of Independence. The locals managed to rebuild it on the same site in 1843, expanding it and decorating it with a wood-carved altarpiece that is still preserved to this day. The church was demolished in 1938 to be replaced by a larger and more spacious one in the style of a basilica. The narthex was built in 1974 after the bell tower and the church took the form it maintains to this day, bearing as its ornaments many ecclesiastical relics such as the painting depiction and the holy relic of Agios Georgios. The spacious paved square of the church is being used for the great mysteries of the community, as well as the festival of Agios Georgios.

Holy Monastery of Agios Ioannis Timios Prodromos


The Monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos was built in 1795 with money from the war-chiefs of Pelion in the Greek war of Indipendence, Kyriakos and Stergios Basdekis. Picturesque, imposing, built of stone and wood, is located at the entrance of the village, 1 km south of the square. Zoumpaniotes craftsmen undertook its construction, while its sculptural decoration was created by the famous sculptor, Sp. Milios. The Monastery was destroyed in the middle of the Greek Revolution, on May 2, 1822 and was renovated in 1835 by craftsmen of the Petros and Kosmas families from Argalasti. It was inaugurated on June 24, 1844 and was inhabited by male monks, uninterruptedly for a whole century. During World War II it was abandoned by its monks, while in 1971 an attempt was made to restore it with the resources of the local community. In 1984, with the permission of the then Archbishop Christodoulos, a Brotherhood of Orthodox Sisters was established in the Monastery, which remains to this day. At the entrance of the Holy Monastery today there is a narthex that leads to the Katholikon and the accommodation cells of the Sisters. Recently, the construction of the Holy Temple of All Saints began in the northeast of the courtyard.

Holy Church of the Assumption of the Virgin

This Church is located at the entrance of the village, in a pine grove, in the settlement of Stratigos Iatridis, known as the settlement. It was founded on August 23, 1981 at the expense of the Alamanos family and the first Divine Liturgy that took place there, took place on August 15, 1985. The church is in the style of a Basilica, adorned with a magnificently carved wooden altarpiece with Byzantine icons of the iconographer K.Spanodimos. In recent years, the interior of the church is being renovated at the expense of the parish and on the initiative of the tireless priest of our village, Father Theocharis Alamanas.

Chapel of the Prophet Elijah

Αη Λιάς

The small church of Prophet Elijah is located in Armyra, on the provincial road that leads from the Sykis junction to the center of the village. It was founded in 1972 at the expense of A. Kaltsogiannis and has the form of a small basilica. Built on a hill in the pines, the chapel has a wonderful view to the east the Aegean Sea and the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, while to the west overlooks the hills of Neochori and to the southwest, the top of Pelion.

Chapel of Agios Nikolaos

Άγιος Νικόλος

The chapel of Agios Nikolaos is located one kilometer southeast of the settlement, very close to the Monastery of Prodromos. In a grove with centuries-old oaks and aries, in the ancient place "Island" where it is built, developed one of the oldest settlements in the region of Syki that led to the creation of our village. The chapel was burned by the Ottomans in 1822 and was rebuilt in May 1940 at the expense of N. Alamanas and N. Zafeiris, while in 1984 its grove was renovated and beautified, on the initiative of Fr. Theocharis Alamanas. It is in the style of a Basilica and bears to this day its ancient limestone niche, covered with slabs, as well as the small stone fountain to the east, two elements which it retains from its pre-1822 form. Celebrates on May 20, the day of the resurrection of the Relics of Agios Nikolaos

Chapel of Agios Athanasios

Like the chapel of Agios Nikolaos, Agios Athanasios is a small old church, unknown exactly when it was built. It was burned in 1822 during the destruction of the village by the Ottomans and is located in the southeast of the village, near the stadium. Its walls were rebuilt in 1939 with lime and stone, but the building was incomplete and without a roof until 1978 when it was rebuilt from the ground up with the care of the church council of Syki. The icons of the church were painted by the hagiographer G. Skotiniotis.

Chapel of Agios Dimitrios

The chapel of Agios Dimitrios is newly built and is a tribute of E. Kostoulias. It was founded in 1978 on a plot of land which was donated to the church by the same donor and is located North of the village at "Militsa", on the road that leads to Pantazi Ammos beach. Simple and white, it attracts a large number of parishioners during the Divine Liturgy, while from there, the view of the Aegean to the east and the heights of Neochori to the west, is wonderful.

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