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Δημόσιοι χώροι

Main Square

Located in the center of Siki, the Square consitutes the meeting point of the locals since ancient times. Paved with large cobble stones and spacious, it combines the traditional Pelion style with the tall centuries-old plane trees, thus giving more picturesqueness to our village. To the left of its entrance stands a towering plane tree which is estimated to be older than 400 years, one of the oldest in Pelion. Since 1932, a stone-built community store has been operating as a tavern-ouzeri in the square. Its owner, Mr. Konstantinos Kaltsogiannis, started its operation it 2013. The village's Square is were events, cultural activities and festivals take place usually all year round!

Cross Monument

In the ravine of Bourboulithra, on the border of Siki with Xinovrisi, there is a marble monument in the shape of a Cross, in the rich vegetation and the water of a truly heavenly place. During WWII, the villagers had taken refuge on the site to hide from the horrors of the occupation and the war. There, on March 27, 1944, 13 Greek patriots were executed by Nazi soldiers, almost in front of frightened children and the elderly. At the execution site, one of the descendants of those executed, erected a marble Cross with their names engraved on it, thus honoring their memory. The monument is located a few meters south of the hiking route, on an ancient path which connects the villages Siki - Xinovrisi and you can easily locate it through the signposts that have been placed there by the Cultural Association of Siki

Cross Monument (new)

This is a modern copy of the original monument in honor of those executed in 1944, located in the ravine of Bourboulithra. This new monument is located in the pine forest at the village's entrance, next to the Holy Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It was inaugurated by the Cultural Association of Siki, on May 12, 2019

Central Fountain

Our village's developement started at the end of the 14th century AD, around a water spring, which flows to this day at the entrance of the main Square, under the Church of Agios Georgios. This spring, having three outlets of cool, clear water, was the main source of water and irrigation of the village for hundreds of years. Over time, the three water exits of the fountain, became two, since the flow of the middle output was stopped, unknown when. For this reason, our fellow villagers named the spring "grumpy": because of the "stubborn" middle "exit" which "gone bad" and did not flown water again. The spring was transformed into a traditional stone-built fountain around 1700 AD. Its current image was formed after a renovation procedure which took place in 1986, while corrective interventions were carried out at it, during the decade 2000-2010.

Square's Fountain

A small picturesque fountain at the western end of the main Square. It is built of stone and is connected to the main fountain, under the Church of Agios Georgios. It is estimated that it was built during the renovation of the Central Fountain, around 1986. Today its flow has been stopped for technical reasons


Fountain of Agios Nikolaos

One of the oldest fountains in our village, to the east of the small Chapel of Agios Nikolaos. It is made of stone and recently renovated with the care of Father Theocharis Alamanas

Kontorema's fountain

It was built in 1700 AD and remains in the same form to this day. It is located in the southeast of the village, on the provincial road to the old port of Syrta. It was established to serve the inhabitants of Siki who lived in various estates outside the settlement, usually during winters


Traditional Alleys

and Cobbled streets

Alleys and traditional cobbled streets - "Kalderimia" in the old neighborhoods of Siki, take us to another era where tradition meets the old style craft. Walk them and feel history unfolding before your eyes

Old Primary School

It is located in the center of our village and for more than 100 years it is the center of culture of Siki. The area of ​​the old Primary School today houses the Kindergarten of Siki and it is the home of the "Georgios Rimatisides" Cultural Association, where for several years a library has been operating. At the same time, the School is used for conducting cultural events, seminars and workshops

Old and Historic Buildings

Old buildings and houses, with history and traditional architecture

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